Map Jam 9 screenshots



Inspired by Doom 4’s Photo Mode. You can approximate this in recent game engines like Mark V, Darkplaces and Quakespasm by using the console command “sv_freezenon clients 1” then add Iris Blur in Photoshop.

A pissed off ShamBLUR in a screenshot from my current “Untitled” level.

The Comprehensive Quake Documentary

RetroAhoy’s Quake impressively detailed documentary is excellent if you want to learn about the development of the the game. Infighting, technical challenges, Nine Inch Nails and the Lovecraftian influences are all covered. It spans almost every detail of how and why the game is so important. A must see for any FPS fan. It runs just over an hour, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!

You’ve found my Secret Level

Quake’s “The Necropolis. a.k.a. E1M3 opened in Trenchbroom 2.x

Secret Level is my little contribution to the Quake community. Quake is now well over 20 years old but I keep coming back to it each year (usually around Thanksgiving.) I do still love playing Quake in small sessions but the real obsession that keeps me coming back over and over again is mapping. I’ll use this site primarily as a place to show off my levels and to highlight the work of others I discover. Thanks for stopping by.