New to Quake?

If you are new to Quake you can be up and running very quickly but there are a few steps you should follow. (Note: this is for single player and local LAN play only.)

  1. Buy Quake on Steam or on Good Old Games.
  2. (Optional) Try to install Quake to your C:\ drive. This just makes it easier to install mods and add maps to the game. Your Quake directory would look like this: C:\Quake
  3. Download Quakespasm for free and install it to your Quake directory. Quakespasm is a custom game engine that will allow you to run Quake in HD, play with console controllers and has important bug fixes and improvements over the original game engine. Remember, Quake is 21 years old and this step is critical to enjoying the game.
  4. (Last step!) Download and install this free utility Simple Quake Launcher. It helps you easily load custom maps and mods which can be kind of a pain otherwise. You can also use it to try out other game engines like Darkplaces, Mark V, FTE, Quakespasm-Spiked and others that some mods require.
Simple Quake Launcher is a must.

Optional but recommended: Explore Quaddicted. This is currently the most comprehensive website devoted to the game. You’ll find thousands of mods, maps and recent information on the game. Look for the Quake Injector that makes it easy to download maps and play almost instantly.

I’ll update this page with some info on multiplayer bots. I need to do a bit of research before I post links here.  Use the Contact page if you have any questions.