Map Jams

Here are some of my map releases from the last three years. (This page is a work in progress and does not feature everything just yet.) These are only maps that are included in a pack of levels; usually made under specific time or design constraints.

“The Tutorial” FOR QUOTH (100b4 Competition)

I submitted this map as part of the fourth 100 brush competition on func_msgboard. It requires the Quoth mod to run. If you’ve never tried Quoth, this is a map you should play! It’s literally a tutorial for some of the new monsters and power-ups you’ll find in the mod. There’s a significant amount of voice acting in this map as well. I wanted to use Quoth’s sounds capabilities in a way that not many people have tried before. My son Gage did a fine job with the voice acting. And remember this map was made with only 100 brushes (the walls, floors, doors, ceilings and some invisible game play related brushes all add up to 100.) I’m going to release this as solo map in the near future. I think it’s a great introduction to Quoth.


“Bay Sick” is part of this pack on Quaddicted. I am very pleased with how this map turned out. I needed a something to showcase a skybox for my Skyboxes and Fog mapping tutorial and this worked well. I did this over a weekend in a couple of sessions. I’ve never done a base map before. Looking forward to doing another.


I made this very quickly, it’s a bite-sized map available with the rest of the pack here. It can be a bit challenging but I was happy for the most part, especially the lighting. The other maps in the pack are way better than mine. I highly recommend NewHouse’s map and OneTruePurple’s as well.


xmasjam_dumptruck.bsp “Remains in a Manger”

Check out Xmas Jam at Quaddicted. Arcane Dimensions is required to play.

SpeeDmap 179

My entry for SM179 was well-received. Screenshots below. You can download the entire Jam here. There are some really creative maps in this pack so it’s well worth trying out. More info at func_msgboard here. Making a fully playable map in 24 hours that’s actually fun is very tough. There are always things you want to add and the clock is an insane master. I built the map in two sessions. A Friday evening and most of a Saturday afternoon. It was a blast. I am already re-working this map to add some gameplay I wanted in but ran out of time. Also, the teleporters are a bit confusing so I have some plans help guide the player. I plan on adding deathmatch starts to this as it’s really designed from the ground up to be both single and multiplayer. I should have a new version in the next week or so.

Jam 9

There are a few easy steps to take if you want to play this amazing collection of levels.

  1. Get Quake.
  2. Jam9 requires this version of the Quoth mode to run properly. If you already have Quoth and you are unsure of which version you have I would delete the other and start from scratch to ensure compatibility. You can also move or rename your original if you want to save it.
  3. Download Jam9 from here, here or here.
  4. Read the Jam 9 readme file – it has important info.
  5. Launch Quake with the following command line options -quoth -game jam9

You can use the newest version of the Simple Quake Launcher to launch the mod as well. Highly recommended!

Here’s even more info about Jam 9 from my YouTube channel.