Shame on you Tim! SHAME!

This is an interesting post from John Romero in response to Tim Willits taking credit for inventing multiplayer only maps and even taking creadit for QuakeCon’s existence. WTF? A juicy story any way you look at it!


Speed Map Jam 179

My entry for SM179 was well-received. Screenshots below. You can download the entire Jam here. There are some really creative maps in this pack so it’s well worth trying out. More info at func_msgboard here. Making a fully playable map in 24 hours that’s actually fun is very tough. There are always things you want to add and the clock is an insane master. I built the map in two sessions. A Friday evening and most of a Saturday afternoon. It was a blast. I am already re-working this map to add some gameplay I wanted in but ran out of time. Also, the teleporters are a bit confusing so I have some plans help guide the player. I plan on adding deathmatch starts to this as it’s really designed from the ground up to be both single and multiplayer. I should have a new version in the next week or so.

GGRC’s Quake Grave

If you love Quake you need to subscribe to Arrcee’s channel. Here’s a video that includes my Map Jam 9 map. My map starts about 56 minutes in but the whole video is well worth your time!!